Enhance Your Daily Water Experience With a Water Softener

Having soft water in your home will allow you to use less soap, minimize water spots on dishes and silverware, prevent scale build-up, eliminate the feeling of a film on your skin and hair, and reduce water tastes and odors. Water softeners remove certain minerals from the water to make it soft and more pleasing for everyday use.

Water Softeners

We offer a variety of water softener solutions to fit various needs. A tornado agitator is included in all softeners to help remove iron and increase efficiency. Water softener salt tanks all have grids to prevent salt mushing.

Advanced Series Water Softener

  • Cost effective by monitoring water usage
  • Solid state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings
  • Capacitor backup with two-hour power carry over
  • Treatment water regeneration refill – Keep salt cleaner longer

Light-Commercial Control  Valve Water Softener

More dependable and longer life than residential grade control valves

  • Metered Valve – Regenerates only when necessary. Never runs out of soft water.
  • Fully Adjustable Time Clock – 2 minute increments, wide ranges in all positions. Customize regeneration to meet your needs.
  • Dual Motor Driven – Separate motors to control the clock and piston.

John at Rainy Water Conditioning has years of experience that showed when he evaluated our troubled past softener. It was time for a new one and we had heard about his great customer service and affordable product. We have been happy with our choice for sure. – Janet M.

Water Softener Service

At Rainy Water Conditioning we service, sell and rent water softeners. Customer service is a top priority. Contact us at 320.587.3530 for assistance. Rainy Water Conditioning will give you a FREE on-site water assessment and estimate, including a water test. We’re here to provide and maintain quality water softeners. Our service area includes McLeod, Meeker, Carver and Sibley Counties. Along with parts of Wright, Scott and Hennepin Counties. Contact us to check if your location is in our service area.