Improve Your Drinking Water With A Simple Reverse Osmosis System

Are you interested in improving the quality of drinking water in your home or office? A Reverse Osmosis Water System can help remove contaminants, making your water smell and taste better. Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water systems are supplied, installed and serviced by Rainy Water Conditioning making their implementation easy.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water

  • Save money on bottled water.
  • Unlimited clean, clear, healthy water, right in your own home.
  • Water can be used for drinking, cooking, ice and coffee making, baby formula, pets and plants.
  • Smells and tastes better than tap water.
  • Removes most minerals and reduces a wide range of water contaminants from the drinking water.
  • We carry filters for our systems.

Drinking Water Systems

Microline Reverse Osmosis System

  • Manifold design makes filter changes easy with no mess
  • Fewer connections
  • 4-stage filtering

Pro Series Arsenic Select

  • 5-stage filtration
  • Exclusive arsenic filter

Fantastic service. Knowledgeable, professional, timely. Terrific communication. We’ve used their services for approximately 20 years at more than one residence. Their pricing is reasonable, too. Karin F.

System Service

At Rainy Water Conditioning we service, sell and rent drinking water systems. Customer service is a top priority. Contact us at 320.587.3530 for assistance. We’re here to provide and maintain a quality drinking water option.

Our service area includes McLeod, Meeker, Carver and Sibley Counties. Along with parts of Wright, Scott and Hennepin Counties. Contact us to check if your location is in our service area.