We are a family-owned business since 1968.

Rainy Water Conditioning Service VanRainy Water Conditioning, Inc. of Hutchinson and Cologne are the family-owned businesses of John and Colleen Mickolichek. Jerry Schuft, Colleen’s father, started this business in 1968.

In 1989, we opened a second business location in Hutchinson, and incorporated.

You will find Rainy Water Conditioning combines higher quality at lower prices than any other softener you can buy.

In addition to water softeners, Rainy has added reverse osmosis, iron filters, and drinking water systems to our line of products. In 1995 Earl Schmidt’s Rainy Water, in Cologne, MN, was purchased. And Jerry Schuft’s Rainy Water Conditioning, in Brownton, MN, was purchased in 1997. We continue to service all of Jerry’s and Earl’s clients today.

Jon and the team know everything about the water business. Plus, he came after hours and explained how the new water softener works. Great service! – Matt R.

Servicing the public is important to us.

We look forward to meeting you at the McLeod and Carver County Fairs every August, and/or the home shows each February and March.

If your would like a quote, please contact us, as we would be happy to do business with you.

John, Colleen, and family.