Eliminate Rusty, Staining, Smelly Water With an Iron Filter

Are you struggling with rusty water that stains sinks and clothing? Does your water smell and taste bad? You may benefit from an iron filter. Iron can be found in almost all water supplies. Installing an iron filter can resolve your problems and help make your water usable, eliminating your frustrations.

Iron Master Iron Filter

Installing an Iron Master Iron Filter can be an answer to your iron problems. It will tackle water problems and let you experience:

  • No more rust
  • No more staining
  • No more iron-colored water
  • No more iron-tasting water
  • Get rid of rotten egg smell

Simple Iron Reduction Filter

We prefer simple solutions instead of complex systems. The Iron Master Iron Filter involves:

  • No expensive and messy chemicals
  • No pumps or venturis to go wrong
  • No maintenance, no filters to change

Iron Filter Service

At Rainy Water Conditioning we service, sell and rent iron filters. While iron filters are a simple, no regular maintenance product, we are here to answer your questions if you have them. Customer service is a top priority. Contact us at 320.587.3530 for assistance. We’re here to provide and maintain a quality iron filter option. Our service area includes McLeod, Meeker, Carver and Sibley Counties. Along with parts of Wright, Scott and Hennepin Counties. Contact us to check if your location is in our service area.