If you have a questions about water systems give us a call at 320.587.3530, we’re happy to help. Here are some of the most common questions people ask us.

What creates hard water?

Hard water is created by groundwater flowing and picking up high levels of calcium and magnesium. Hard water is not a health risk, but is an annoyance.

Does Rainy Water Conditioning repair and service water softener and drinking water systems?

At Rainy Water Conditioning we service, sell and rent water softeners, iron filters and drinking water systems. Customer service is a top priority. Contact us at 320.587.3530 for assistance.

Can we rent a water softener?

Yes, we rent water softeners, iron filters and drinking water systems.

Your office is closed, but I need service. What do I do?

Our office is staffed 8AM – 3PM, Monday – Friday. Phone calls are answered outside of those hours. Give us a call at 320.587.3530.

Why does my water stain my sinks, bathtubs and clothing?

There is iron in water that causes this problem. Varying amounts of iron can be found in water. An iron filter can help resolve this problem.

Do you supply bottled water?

No, we do not supply bottled water. We do install, sell, rent and service Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water systems that eliminate the need for bottled water.

What is Rainy Water Conditioning’s service area?

Our service area includes McLeod, Meeker, Carver and Sibley Counties. Along with parts of Wright, Scott and Hennepin Counties. Contact us to check if your location is in our service area