Water Softener Services, Repairs, and Solutions

Rainy Water Conditioning Inc. is the best local source for all your drinking water, filtration, and softening needs in central Minnesota. We combine a higher quality at lower prices than any other softener you can buy.

Are You Having Hard Water Issues?

  • Soap not lathering properly?
  • Hair turning orange and course?
  • Dishes not clean from dishwasher?
  • Clean clothes not soft?
  • Dry skin?
Request a Free Water Analysis from Rainy Water Conditioning!

Rainy Water Conditioning will give you a FREE on-site water assessment and estimate, including a water test. Find a solution to your water concerns.

Our Solutions

Water Softener Services
Water Softeners

Water softeners remove certain minerals from the water to make it soft and more pleasing for everyday use by allowing less soap use, minimizing water spots and preventing build-up.

Iron Filtration

Are you struggling with rusty water that stains sinks and clothing? Does your water smell and taste bad? Installing an iron filter can make your water usable, eliminating your frustrations. 

Drinking Water

A Reverse Osmosis Water System can help remove contaminants, making your water smell and taste better – improving the quality of drinking water in your home or office.

Family Owned Since 1968

Rainy Water Conditioning, Inc. of Hutchinson and Cologne are the family-owned businesses of John and Colleen Mickolichek. We look forward to meeting you, and helping you with all of your water needs. We are independently owned.